Tethered Lift Photography


Blue Sky Images

Where unrestricted flight or safety regulations prohibitive the use of a UAV or using our masts do not give the required altitude for the project. Then we are able to deploy 1 of our tethered air lifting systems that are capable of lifting camera systems of different weight, size and capability for photographic and cinematographic projects.

The air lifting systems are tethered and secured to the ground, while the camera system is supported below the lifter on a remote controlled gimbel managed in a similar manner to our UAV and Mast.

The use of air lifting systems do not have the same versatility as UAV flight and are unstable in high winds but carry less regulations which ensures we are able to maintain our competitive edge. Blue Sky works along side Mike Werner who pilots the tethered airlift systems which offer Blue Sky''s clients an aerial platform able to deliver image capturing services when the UAV or other elevated systems are not suitable.
Our camera air lifting systems are designed with aerial imagery in mind.

The kites, aerofoils balloons, blimps and helikites we utilise are designed to support the large camera systems when other platforms may be unsuitable
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